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'Limits of the SELF'

Nowadays we are confronted with numerous decision-making situations because of our accelerated pace of life. We need to make decisions in small and large issues including many situations calling for immediate decision. Are we able to make the right and efficient decision? What is the quality of our decisions? Are we making a decision to achieve our aims or simply to postpone making a significant decision? The programme aims to change the self-made opinion of the individual about his own performance ability, to explore the intrinsic reserves hidden in individuals, to express the different intrinsic values and individual characteristics and to ensure the mutual acknowledgment of the different values.

During the tasks, the participants will be able to experience the extension of the limits of the ‘self’, will see the transformation of the self-made opinion about their own performance ability which is greatly assisted by the mutual help of the participants.

The programme includes amusing elements but at specific moments it can mean psychic stress as well. The individual decides for himself whether he will join the implementation process of the task.